Cooking Class
At Annalisa’s House

This represents in all its respects a journey through time. We will turn back together half a century or more, to literally enter grandma’s kitchen, breathe the perfumes and relive those emotions. Not surprisingly, the sweetest feelings of childhood are precisely linked to these lovely memories.

THE HOUSE OF ANNALISA – The experience we’ve prepared is like that of a family lunch among friends at our home: in an apartment that reconstructs the atmosphere of Sicily after the Second World War, when there was an air of rebirth and renewal in the air but without neglecting, even for a moment, the cult of tradition. In fact, you can stop to admire the vintage objects and furnishings (an original typewriter of the period, an antique record player and much more) that will accompany you pleasantly along this emotional journey during the era of the economic boom.

JOURNEY INTO THE PAST – In the kitchen, as well as in everyday life, the teachings of our grandmothers have been handed down to today in the culture of healthy eating and the search for genuineness. The most beautiful sensation is to rediscover the taste of slowness and the importance of dedicating the right time to the preparation of a dish, even the simplest. It’s a joy for the heart and also for the palate to savor the simple and natural taste of prepared food, as it used to be done. At home, the kitchen is the largest and most pleasant room to live in its entirety. The furniture, appliances, decorations: every detail is taken care of to recall old emotions. We will cook together, in the same place and with the same recipes of the Sicilian grandmothers. And just like them we will retell the story of each dish and the memories connected to it, along with their uses and sayings.

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