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Do you want a taste of Sicily in your kitchen? Learn to cook Sicilian with the goSicily cooking boxes designed by Annalisa Pompeo.

Pizza, pasta, bread and panelle, desserts… What would you like to cook today?

You are spoiled for choice!

All the ingredients have been selected by me, personally and come from small local producers!

Supersicilian specialties, to be prepared for any occasion to be tasted wherever you are in Italy or Europe.

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Craving for genuine Sicily ready to taste? The new goSicily food boxes designed by Annalisa Pompeo are what you need.

All the ingredients, personally selected by me, come from small local producers!

Super Sicilian specialties, perfect for any occasion and ready to be tasted wherever you are in Italy or Europe.

Cheeses, preserves, pasta, sauces, pesto, sweet creams, panettone, liqueurs, nougat….

The choice is yours!

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My dear curious palate, if you landed on this website it is because you love the good Sicilian life: the sun, the sea, the people, its historical, artistic and cultural traditions but above all the food, in all its explosion of taste and abundance.

My name is Annalisa Pompeo and I am the founder of GoSicily, based in the splendid setting of Favara in the province of Agrigento. GoSicily is the best company for OnLine and in-person activities; for fun, sharing and the genuineness of “Made in Sicily”.

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