“The best souvenir you will take home from your trip to Sicily will be the experience. Live it with us and share it with your loved ones!”

Annalisa Pompeo
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My dear curious palate, if you are here, surely you appreciate all that is expression of Sicilianity: sun, sea, people, the historical traditions,
artistic, cultural but above all, the food!

My name is Annalisa Pompeo and I am the founder of GoSicily, a space anything but virtual born from the desire to lead the "world" in my land, how do i do it?

I use an explosive mix of traditional cuisine, food experiences and food and
wine tours and then there is me, volcanic, creative, with my hands always in
the dough and an innate passion for the States. All this is GoSicily: cook, eat,

Today GoSicily welcomes tourists and internet users from every corner of the world, from a simple laboratory of Sicilian cooking classes live and online it
has become a real food experience forge!

Here you will find food and cuisine in all its forms:

  • with the traditional recipes of the “Nonna’s Kitchen” made up of simple
    gestures steeped in history and passion
  • with a careful selection of seasonal and zero-kilometer organic products
  • with the discovery of the territory rich in resources and culture

In short, this web site will make your mouth water with every click!


GoSicily for me is more than a cooking site, it is a project that I strongly wanted to carry out despite the difficulties in times of pandemic. In the long
run, my resilience and stubbornness proved me right and on June 27, 2021 I
received the first prize “Impresa è donna” organized by the Tertiary Donna
Confcommercio Catania Group for the tenacity shown in carrying out my

Peering through the pages of GoSicily you will find myself:

  • in the exciting “Cook with me” courses, where you can choose live, online,
    registered and even customized appointments
  • in the unique food and wine tours, real food experiences such as city tours,
    walks among the olive trees, wine tastings in the cellars, visits to oil mills or dairies
  • in educational workshops for children or in company team buildings
  • in smart cooking boxes to be purchased in a matter of seconds
  • in my crackling recipe blog

Let’s wear your apron and let the journey begin!

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