Arancine e “Cubaita” l’Agrigentina Annalisa Pompeo Cooks for America

Translation fo the article: Arancine e “cubaita”, l’agrigentina Annalisa Pompeo spopola in America by Agrigento Notizie

Three weeks in the United States, her audience? Americans who want to learn more about Made in Sicily food. A winning brand that is more popular than ever in America. To listen to Annalisa are adults and children, couples and entrepreneurs. Among the dishes described and then cooked are the “cubaita”, ricottamisù and cavatelli typical of Agrigento. All documented and explained, but also accompanied by good wines, Sicilian of course.

Annalisa’s tutorials could not leave out ‘arancine’. The perfect dough and the crunchy frying with the unmistakable smell brought directly into the American kitchens.

The homeland of fast food for three weeks has made room for Sicilian cuisine of the past, conquering everyone’s palate. “It’s been a beautiful three weeks, I’m really happy. I met people who in these days have become friends. I wait for them in Sicily, it will be good to welcome them.”

It is a galvanized Annalisa that told us about her trip directly on the Facebook page “Go Sicilian Cooking Experience” and Instagram each day. Annalisa’s American trip was also accompanied by food and wine products from the Agrigento area. Several producers and entrepreneurs who wanted to be part of the project were promoted each day. 

A piece of Sicily has taken root in the immensity of America. For more than one night, the smell of arancine conquered America.

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