History is not forgotten

Favara, early 1900s. Imagine a young married couple, Calogera and Salvatore.
They live in this house: Via San Calogero, n. 8, in the heart of the village that thrives on agriculture and sulfur mines.
Via San Calogero, n. 8… it is there that the numerous children are born, only one survived given the high infant mortality of the times …

And it is from there that Salvatore and Calogera courageously decide to emigrate to America, to escape a marked destiny , made up of misery and no future.

Without knowing how to speak a language other than the Favarese dialect, without knowing the world, without money but with A LOT of HOPE ..

They face and cross the ocean … Up to New York.

After more than 120 years, Frank and Samantha, father and daughter, return to THEIR LAND OF ORIGIN (Favara) in search of their ancestors, the same ones who had the courage to change the destiny of future generations.

Frank and Samantha, walk along the street inhabited by their ancestors, eat the soup of San Giuseppe, the Cubaita (the almond nougat typical of the place that the Arabs have bequeathed to us) they talk with the remaining sulfur miners, relive the ancient experiences of the their ancestors, more than a century later .. AND … They meet the last gentleman in Favara, who has the same surname.
And Samantha, finally has the documents to apply for ITALIAN citizenship.

Because history is not forgotten, because we are made of our past, and of our roots.

Thanks Frank and Samantha for thrilling me with your amazing story.
Finding such historical documents was not easy, but we did it.

Thanks to those who helped me in the research, allowing our American friends to reconstruct their family tree and pass it on.

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