Me, Annalisa Pompeo, and that first prize “Impresa è donna” that reminds me to never stop dreaming

My dear curious palates, a few days have passed since the “Impresa è donna” award ceremony at the Palazzo della Cultura in Catania.

A full moon Sunday evening that I will never forget.

Me, Annalisa Pompeo, with that shy smile of hope and emotion, crowned Sicilian entrepreneur woman of the year.

My heart was beating madly, hidden in the folds of a floral dress, colored with freshness and rebirth. I bought it for special occasions, those that happen a few times in life and that smell of beautiful things.

A memorable evening, full of tales of women, talents and companies.

In the lights of the stage, I listened to the stories of my ‘competitors’ struck and bewitched by their strength and creativity. Very good women committed to enhancing our island with innovative and challenging business projects. Very courageous and resourceful women mothers, daughters and lovers.

Yet, among the many stories of projects and resilience, the Terziario  Donna Confcommercio Group of Catania, has decided to reward me, that Annalisa Pompeo founder of GoSicily, who has not stopped believing in herself, and in her Sicily, not even in these long, oppressive and uncertain months of pandemic.

Even today I find it hard to believe and the words, the deepest and most heartfelt ones, are never enough to thank those who believed in me. The Coronavirus could have been my pit and instead I was able to turn it, with faith, perseverance and love, into a flywheel. This award reminds me to never stop dreaming but, at the same time, it is there to warn me, like a powerful mantra of positive vibrations, that the challenges never end.

There is still a long way to go. There will be new climbs, violent curves and road signs dotted with detours. Thanks to this award, which I define as “redemption”, I was given a glass of fresh and vital water at the steepest point of my life path.

Happiness, gratitude and infinite energy.

I will never forget the looks of the jury, the many smiles of admiration and all the stories of resilience of the selected female entrepreneurs of the Terziano Donna team.

I am honored to have shared the podium with Federica Fina, a young Sicilian entrepreneur of the homonymous winery in Marsala, a friend and historical “colleague” whom I continue to esteem more and more every day.

My congratulations also to Anna Cacopardo and Arianna Campione of Kimia Cosmetics, who won third place, and to their farsighted ability to enhance agricultural waste, in particular Bronte pistachio skin, to create eco-sustainable cosmetic products.

Last but not least, a special thanks to my eclectic team. To Viviana Prester, for the care of the image, to Emmanuele D’Urso for the creation of the GoSicily website and to taking care of all the “emergency cases”… and grazie to Giulia Cantarella, my precious copywriter.

As for mine, of history, you can find it here, told in the few pages I wrote for the announcement.

Thanks again to anyone of you who wants to read it, share it and be inspired by it.

Now it’s time to look forward and organize my new tour in America, scheduled for 2022.

As for us, my dear curious palates, see you, as always and once again, a tavola.


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