gosicily: The first time in Mississippi!!

There was no time to even store the emotions I experienced in NJ, when it was already time to share new goals and new encounters ~ Mississippi was waiting for me! gosicily

A revealing and surprising experience to say the least. Here unlike NY and NJ, Sicilian products are not yet very widespread nor very commercialized. My presence here has allowed many Americans’ to learn about them, try them and above all, enjoy and appreciate them!gosicily


Waiting for me in Mississippi, is my friend Sandi Favre from Viago Travel. I met her last year in April in Favara during a cooking class and immediately – I felt a kindred spirit of harmony and empathy. She was the one who proposed that I come to her home state of Mississippi during my tour with GoSicily in the States.  I was obviously very happy to accept her invitation, as I would also be pleased to accept yours!

I was excited before I got there. It was my first time in this State, but the reception was more positive than I had imagined.  Vibrant people who know how to have fun, happy and interesting people who are looking for good food and good wine. This is really fertile ground to build the foundation of important partnerships. gosicily

The first cooking class was organized at Bay St Luis, in an incredible house.  It was an interesting experience and fun with a nice curious group of guests, and very good! Together, we cooked, ate and drank a lot of interesting wine, a beautiful evening that I will always remember with pleasure. gosicily

The second cooking class had a different impact on me: we were in fact, at the Viking school of Gulfport. This town, the county seat of Harrison County, was partially destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, suffering much damage. There is a famous children’s museum there – the Lynne Meadows Discovery Center. To restore and renovate this museum and cultural center for children, the famous American Chef Emeril Lagasse started a fundraiser and contributed a large donation. He even funded the creation of a cooking school inside the museum. I had the pleasure and honor of holding a cooking class within this cooking school -it was very emotional.  I must say thanks to Sandi and also to Salina for the hospitality and welcome.

Before returning to Italy, there is still some time to go for a tour and enjoy a day of rest in the Fort Worth Stockyard in Texas! This is another reality to be discovered! Between cowboy boots and Texas hats, I spent a very pleasant day and also laid the foundations for the next editions of GoSicily in USA.

But now, the moment has arrived to close for the last time, my enormous suitcase, head to the airport, check in and return to Italy!

I feel a little sorry to conclude my third trip to the USA, but happy to return to my home, to my kitchen, and in turn – to host all the people who have hosted me in their kitchens in these months! gosicily

The flight is ready, I am ready, Favara here I come! We have so many things to do!  Keep following me, beautiful news awaits us! gosicily


Translated Italian to English Lisa Lee Cardo                         23 February 2020