What a warm welcome in New Jersey ! Good Morning friends, where were we ?

What a warm welcome in New Jersey !

Good Morning friends, where were we  ?

My story of GoSicily in the USA starts again from here: after spending the last evening in New York, which I told you about in a previous article- a new place awaits us…new friends, new encounters, a new beginning in a new state: New Jersey!There are three mainstages of this part of the trip and three special women have organized them. It’s a nice thing and I would like to underline it because when these synergies between women are triggered – the results are always GREAT !!

The first stop is in Morristown and to welcome me there is a person who in these years of GoSicily in the USA, has become a point of reference but above all has become a dear friend, Lynda Bottone Pepe. Reconnecting with her is always a great pleasure and having this opportunity to share this part of the travels with her makes everything much more beautiful and fun !

With Lynda we went to buy the missing ingredients for our dinners: we have different cooking classes to share with many people in love with Sicily and our many dishes, curious to know and get involved personally. A group of lively, cheerful, carefree and happy hosts – together with them we laughed, shared our experiences and spent wonderful moments!

Christine and Dan hosted us at their home, reserving a very nice welcome. We were also at Lynda’s home: an incredible huge woodland house, which welcomed us and is ready to welcome you for the new year too! Together with her, we are already working on GoSicily in USA 2021. This is also a very feminine feature ~ never stop and always go further with new and important goals!

One of the experiences that always amuses me a lot and above all amuses those who participate is #bimbichef in the USA. This was launched last year but given the enthusiasm it has generated ~~ we decided to propose again this year.

All of you know that before being a kitchen and cooking lover, and lover of my land ~ I am above all a mother to two wonderful children – Chiara and Marco, 10 and 7 years old. In Sicily, in Favara, for years I have been carrying on the cooking class experience that was born just thinking about my children. I believe that it is never too early to learn to eat healthy, enhance our ingredients and our culinary traditions, and also to pass them onto new generations!

With Lynda, we went to the school where she works, and the children are always so happy to put their hands in the dough and get busy, as they are always good as helpers. Together, we prepared the cavatelli with the sauce, the meat prepared with our Val Paradiso extra virgin olive oil and obviously the cannoli. The aroma could not be missed as it quickly spread into the other corridors ~ so inviting that when we finished our meeting with the children, we also cooked for the mothers and the teachers!

The second destination in New Jersey was Manalapan. Here, Janet was waiting for me, who with #thetuscantravelista organized this beautiful experience of meeting and comparison: a Sicilian who cooks inside a Tuscan kitchen in America ~ a nice mix and match! Janet is like a volcano and loves our island. Also, with her, we are planning a nice Sicilian tour for her friends who will come to visit me.

The last stop in New Jersey is in Manasquan. Another great woman and friend was the organizer ~ Natalie from #Diversiontsraveladventures.  On one of our evenings together, I had the opportunity to also see Fred, a guest who I had already met in Sicily last season. We spent a day together with his family, who – I was very happy to meet here in America too. It is really nice when people who come to Sicily are met in America and vice versa, because it is in this way that bridges, connections, unique and special relationships are created. It is above all ~ for these things that I love what I do and do it with enthusiasm, dedication and great passion!

And now ready for new stages, new friends and new experiences!

Do you want to know where we will be next time ~~ Continue to follow me!

See you soon!