After closing my big suitcase and about 14 hours of flight to the USA, my American guests welcomed me warmly despite daily temperatures approaching 0 degrees.

The jet lag at first always causes a bit of a problem, but I need just the time to get used to it and I am ready to start my 3rd gastronomy adventure with GoSicily in the States !

My trip this year started from Boston, from the FoodRevolution together with my friend Michelle, to Lisa and many other people eager to cook traditional Sicilian dishes with me. Here we have organized 2 cooking lessons on 2 different days: 2 opportunities to exchange knowledge with curious, attentive and very nice guests. Very popular – among other things is our orange salad, a dish that amazes for simplicity and at the same time, smell and flavor. And if the morning begins well, I will be satisfied with how this 3rd experience in the USA started !

From Boston I moved to the state of New Jersey where I found a lot of snow and cold. Obviously, this did not stop us, on the contrary with Allison Scola and all of her friends of Experience Sicily, we prepared and cooked several courses, but above all – eating and drinking good Sicilian wine. We warmed up and spent a beautiful evening. Seeing my guests’ manual skills develop in making the typical shape of the arancine, making the ricotta cream for our ricotta cheese and above all – seeing the joy in the eyes of my guests – always fills me with satisfaction.

From New Jersey, the trip proceeded to New York, initially to Larchmont. Upon my arrival I found a nice surprise  —  on the doorstep of the house: my American friends left the Sicilian flag, clearly visible to all in the neighborhood and  this was for me, a very emotional moment that I received with much affection.

Between one cooking class and another, I found the time to take a tour of the streets of New York, with my friends Norman and Guy, and immediately after – to a new dinner in Brooklyn. The most beautiful component of my trip is that every evening and every lesson, always provides me with new views and the possibility to discuss in deep detail, the different topics concerning the food and wine of Sicily. Here the scent of my oregano and dried tomatoes that I brought directly from the Favara market were highly appreciated and the oil of Val Paradiso also deserves a special mention.  An interesting part of this new edition of GoSicly USA, which has aroused so much curiosity and interest, and is linked to the Extra Virgin olive oil – is explaining to my guests the differences between a rancid oil and a good extra virgin olive oil. This allowed them to learn a lot and really understand the nuances. This new activity was made possible by the Val Paradiso company (a big thanks) who have joined my project this year.

The last evening in New York I spent in Manhattan with Karen and many other guests for a cooking class organized by LaRosaWorks Sicily Tours and Travel inside an enormous and grand kitchen.

Here I had the pleasure of reacquainting friends who had recently visited me  in Sicily, while adding new friends who enjoyed the cooking class. These new friends have already expressed their interest and desire to come to Sicily soon, where they can anticipate deepening their knowledge about Sicilian cuisine, admire our archeological sites, our wonderful beaches and all that is beautiful in Sicily!

I am getting ready to embark on the next stages of this fantastic American journey – keep following me to stay updated on this beautiful experience !

Translated Italian to English by Lisa Cardo 26 January 2020

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